Yamaha U1TA

An acoustic piano with a volume control, or a digital piano with strings? Yamaha's latest development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. TransAcoustic™ is the name we have given to a new breed of piano. At its most basic level, it turns the soundboard into a “loudspeaker”. This means that any sound can be delivered through this naturally resonant piano component.


Digital was never more natural.

Cabinet Finish Polished Ebony
Dimensions Width 153 cm (60 1/4″)
Height 121 cm (47 3/4″)
Depth 61 cm (24″)
Weight Weight 242 kg (534 lb)
Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Key Surfaces — White Acrylic resin
Key Surfaces — Black Phenolic resin
Keyboard Action Made by Yamaha
Soundboard Drive System Mechanism: TransAcoustic™ technology
Hammer Type U Series Special
Pedal Type Damper / Silencing / Soft
Frame Type V-pro made by Yamaha
Back Post Number 5
Caster Type Single
Lid Prop Safety Stop -
Key Cover Lid/Fallboard Locks Yes
Soft-Close Fallboard Yes